Gem City Inspections, LLC Buyer's Protection Plan

Why should you purchase the Buyer's Protection Plan?

At Gem City Inspections, LLC we understand there is enough stress purchasing a home, let alone thinking about the deal going south after you have spent your time and money on a home inspection. Real Estate transactions can fall through for many different reasons and with this plan you will not be out any money for the inspection.   We offer this exlusive Buyer's Protection Plan * so you have one less thing to worry about!


What is the Buyer's Protection Plan?

The Buyer's Protection Plan entitles the home buyer to have a second home inspection at no additional charge on a similar size/type home if the first deal does not work out.  The protection will last for 45 days after the original date of the home inspection and will cover you for any reason that the transaction fails (negotiations cannot be met, financing issues, appraisal goes wrong, etc.)  We have your back!


How Does the Buyer's Protection Plan work?

The Buyer's Protection Plan is available for the additional low price of $25.00 when purchased at the same time as the original inspection.  If for any reason the transaction fails, Gem City Inspections will not charge you a fee for a second inspection on a home of the same size/square footage provided you schedule the inspection with us and are using the same Real Estate Agent.  After 45 days if you have not found a new home then standard pricing will apply however, the plan will convert to a $25.00 off coupon for the second inspection scheduled with us.

Do I still receive all of the included services?

Yes! You will still receive the same quality inspection as always from Gem City Inspections, LLC as well as the included services:

  1. Lifetime subscription to Recall Chek©
  2. 90 day limited warranty
  3. 5 year platinum roof protection plan
  4. Concierge service
  5. Sewer Gard Protection
  6. Mold Safe Protection
  7. InterNACHI's home buy back guarantee!  

Click here if you want to learn more about these included services.

* The "fine print" *

The free second inspection with the Buyer's Home Protection Plan is valid if the following Conditions are met:


The Buyer's Protection Plan must be purchased when the original inspection is scheduled. The second inspection must be scheduled with Gem City Inspections within 45 days of the original inspection date. You must utilize the same real estate agent as the first transaction. The second home inspection will be done on a home of similar type/size. If the second inspection has a higher fee you only pay the difference. The Buyer Protection Plan converts to a coupon after the 45 day period for $25.00 off your next inspection with us.  This coupon will be valid for 120 days after the date of the original inspection. 


Schedule your Home Inspection Services and sign up for the life saving Buyer's Protection Plan today and have the peace of mind that you and your home deserve!

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