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Home Inspection Services

The Home Inspection Services offered by Gem City Inspections, LLC is done in accordance with InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and strict Code of Ethics.  Therefore you can be worry free about your homes condition. The standard Home Inspection Service is available to home buyers and as a pre-listing inspection for home sellers. Since we understand that real estate transactions are time sensitive a digital report will be available within 24 hours of the inspection.  Home Buyers receive a Lifetime Recall Chek subscription, a 90 day limited warranty, a 5 year platinum roof protection plan, a free concierge service, Sewer Gard Protection, Mold Safe Protection and InterNACHI's Buy Back Guarantee. Read more about these included services.  Home sellers can purchase a Platinum Package with most of these services. Another optional additional service is Gem City Inspections Buyer's Protection Plan. If for some reason your real estate deal fails we will perform a second inspection for free! Learn more about what is included in your Standard Home Inspection performed by Gem City Inspections, LLC!


Home Maintenance Inspection

The Home Maintenance Inspection Services offered by Gem City Inspections, LLC is different than a standard home inspection.  In order to save you time and money an inspection report is typically not generated for this inspection.  After the inspection we sit together and discuss the problems that were found.  This Service is completely customizable by you!  You can have us inspect as many or as few things as you want. Due to this you must call or email for a quote as price will vary.  New homeowners will usually request this service after they have lived in the house for about 6 to 12 months and have gotten to know the home.  Existing home owners will also request this service as a checkup of the home they have lived in for years.  This is a great way to find problems before they cost you a fortune. Learn more about the Home Maintenance Inspection Service and how it can save you money!


11 Month Warranty Inspection

The 11 Month Warranty Inspection Services offered by Gem City Inspections, LLC is typically done during the 11 month of your 1 year builder warranty on your new home.  It is used to verify that your home and systems are built to current building practices during construction.  This way if we find something is not working correctly or was installed incorrectly you can have it covered under the builders warranty before it expires!  This inspection service is a must have for anyone that has purchased a new home.  It could easily save you money in the long run! Learn more about what is checked during the 11 Month Warranty Inspection!

Buyer's Protection Plan

At Gem City Inspections, LLC we understand that sometimes real estate transactions fall through for one reason or another.  More than likely this was no fault of your own and we don't want you to have wasted your money having a home inspection on a house you are not going to purchase!  So we created the Buyers Protection Plan!  For an additional $25.00 added to the inspection fee you can be worry free and if the transaction fails we will be there to help you out.  It's another way for us to say thank you for choosing us for your inspection services.  Learn more about the Buyer's Protection Plan.


Pre-listing Platinum Package

At Gem City Inspections, LLC we don't just help home buyers.  We also help Home Sellers with their pre-listing inspection.  With the Pre-listing Platinum Package, marketing your home for sale will be even easier.  In addition to the  standard home inspection we offer this package which contains a lifetime subscription to Recall Chek, a 120 day warranty, SewerGard Protection, MoldSafe Protection, a 5 year roof warranty and a subscription to the Home Owners Resource.  Check out all of the details for the Pre-Listing Platinum Package.  All of this is ransferable to your home buyer.  As part of this package you can also purchase an 18 month full home warranty for the price of 12 months.  As you can see this is a great and valuable marketing tool.  Learn more about the Pre-listing Platinum Package.


Purchase A Home Warranty

Purchase a 12 month Residential Home Warranty from Residential Warranty Services, Inc. after you have your home inspected by us and receive 18 months of coverage for the price of 12 months! A Home Warranty is essential whenever buying a home and an additional 6 months of coverage can you save you a great deal of money if a major component of your new home fails.

Additional Inspection Services

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